About Find a Dream

Who We Are

We are Find a Dream, a non-profit organization determined to make a difference. Losing a child is something incredibly close to our hearts. We hope to build a community to act as an online grief support group for people experiencing similar tragedies. As devastating and heart-breaking as losing a loved one is, there is a joy to be found in sharing their stories and celebrating their lives.
We believe that by sharing our feelings of loss and creating an online place for the memories of our children, we can keep their spirits alive. Communicating allows us to let the people close to us know what we need in these times of hardship. It gives us an outlet to share our precious memories with the world. Talking is a powerful tool – use it wisely.

Who We Were

We were previously a source of support for America through education and sports. Through activities like martial arts, boxing, football, soccer, and more, we created a safe and supportive environment for America’s youth and young adults of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
Our board and volunteers provided youth with after-school study facilities with access to computer labs and provided employment assistance for veterans. Many of our volunteers grew up in the areas where they pledge their time, making them especially committed to the community’s success. Through engagement and connection, our workers acted as role models to encourage kids to reach for their dreams.

Activities for All Dreamers

Find a Dream recognizes the impact physical activity and sports have on America’s youth. From instilling confidence and fostering connections to supporting mental health and well-being, the benefits of youth sports are immediate and long-lasting, reverberating across our communities and shaping the lives of our children and their future. That’s why we’ve created a safe and supportive environment for children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to come together, explore activities of interest, and learn the skills needed to thrive.
Today, Find a Dream continues to provide martial arts classes and boxing programs with role models and coaches ready to guide and encourage our youth to reach their dreams, helping them realize their untapped potential all at no charge.


We use Zoom fundraiser events to raise awareness of issues close to our hearts. Bereaved families are affected by countless social and physical problems, and together we can make a difference.