Rod Ricciardi

About the Founder

The founder of Find a Dream – Rod Ricciardi – has a wealth of experience in many different fields. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial, marketing, and sales experience, he adds more than just people skills to the growing organization. Rod’s leadership and dedication have enabled Find a Dream to reach as many people as it has so far.
The trajectory of his life’s work changed after his son unexpectedly fell ill and passed away. Experiencing the loss of a child shifted his focus to supporting people experiencing the same thing. He now puts his efforts to the fentanyl crisis, he is especially aware of the devastation this epidemic has trailed in the US. He strives to support families who have lost loved ones to this crisis in particular.
Rod’s passion has always been helping youth and young adults to realize their potential, donating his time and money to build Find a Dream into a powerful resource for youth and Veterans seeking mentorship nationwide. Now his focus has switched. He strives to build a safe space for those grieving their lost children, sharing his experiences along the way.
He produced and promoted the “invincible martial arts” training video featuring Grandmaster Ernesto Presas and John Bruce Daniels, which has sold over a million copies. Plus, he has trained law enforcement agencies in stick and knife defense, including agencies such as the FBI and CIA and is one of the top auto dealership executives in the United States.