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Find A Dream, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, relies heavily on sponsorships, donations, and volunteers. Too many kids fall through the cracks of our society every day, simply because they do not have the financial means or the positive role models and activities that can give them a glimpse of their own self-worth. Find A Dream is a remarkable opportunity for you or your business to get involved and making an incredible change in the life of our youth – one child at a time.


We gladly accept donations through our secure payment link:


There are more ways to help in addition to providing financial support. Are you an attorney, computer technician or child psychologist? Do you have access to office supplies, sports equipment or paper goods? Find a Dream accepts many in-kind donations for activities such as: silent auction items for use at fund raising events; items for use as youth recognition; rewards for our outstanding volunteers and mentor. Find a Dream always needs items for operations that might include anything from toilet paper to computers. Please contact us if you have goods or services that will help us keep our programs running.

There are many ways to give. Your tax deductible donation can be made in any of the following ways:

• Cash donations are accepted in support of programs and operations or event sponsorships.

• If you wish to be a sponsor we have several annual events for you to consider.

• Donations in memory/honor of a loved one or your personal mentor are also welcomed. Written acknowledgment of such donations are mailed to the designated contact as specified by you the donor.

• Find a Dream also accepts gifts of public securities and other assets.

To get more information on how your business can provide a sponsorship, or to make a donation fill out the form below.
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